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On April 20th September 14th I will run the 125th Boston Marathon. I have 5 goals to achieve between now and then:

  1. Raise $10,000 for Newton Rotary Scholarships
  2. Raise your awareness about the Rotary Club of Newton and its work.
  3. Tell you a bit about my running journey past, present, and future.
  4. Raise your awareness about heart health.
  5. Run a 3:32:00 sub 4-hour marathon

Thank you to the City of Newton for the opportunity to run the marathon for Newton Rotary. On June 9th I ran my 6th marathon and qualified for Boston by 16 seconds. I promptly had a heart attack at the finish line. Read Light at the End of the Tunnel for the story. This makes my return to Boston particularly meaningful to me and my family. To get us off to a “running” start, please donate. I will be using the blog to share information. Subscribe to follow along. I can be reached at boston2020 @jackprior.org. — Jack