Boston Marathon Playlist Fundraiser to support Newton Rotary Scholarships

On Monday October 11th I’ll be running the 125th Boston Marathon to raise money for Newton Rotary Scholarships.

We reached our goal of funding 2020 and 2021, so now lets help get 2022 started!

I will be running with my daughter Kayla, who is participating in her first marathon. Our goal is to get to the finish line in 5 hours.

I have been informed that she will be listening to her books on tape and not taking pestering questions from her dad for 5 hours, so I need something to listen to while taking the 42,000 steps to Boston.

So here is the plan. Here is my marathon Spotify playlist. Make a donation of $5 or more to the Newton Rotary Foundation and let me know the song you would like to add to the playlist (by email or in comments). If you have a spotify account you can add the songs directly.

You can make a tax deductible donation by these methods:

  • Send a check to Newton Rotary Foundation, PO Box 600057, Newton, MA 02460
  • Donate via our gofundme page (until September 30th)
  • Donate directly to Newton Rotary by PayPal
  • Donate directly to Newton Rotary by Venmo ( Newton-Rotary)

If you have already contributed to the cause, feel free to add songs. We appreciate your support!


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